Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changing Things Up

We have had the same table and chairs since we got married and before we owned them my parents owned them for a number of years. While they have been very good to us we are VERY ready for something new. Not only that but the chairs are about 3 sits away from breaking on us. 

Last week I found a listing on Craigslist for 8 West Elm chairs for $250!!

I bought them right away. Yes, they are orange but I am in the process of painting them white. 

I love white and dark wood together. Always. So I'm thinking of doing a dark wood table. Here are a few of my inspiration pictures. 

photo via Dream Avenue 

photo via stephmodo 

My two favorite tables of the moment are these. 

Napa Dining Table from World Market

Which do you like better?


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