Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Easy Summer Gift Wrapping Ideas

I'm excited to have my contributors Sarah and Emily, from the blog Boxwood Clippings back with another great DIY project. They have shown us how some simple accessories can dress up simple kraft paper wrapping. 

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Today we are thrilled to share three of our go-to gift wrapping ideas for summer. We love big and bold wrapping and these little tips will have your gift recipients giddy before they even unwrap!

#1 Plastic Tablecloth Pom-Poms

We have been loving plastic table cloths to use for gift wrap because it is so inexpensive and unbelievably versatile. Our favorite use is making big pom poms to adorn a simple package. For DIY see below…

#2 Flowers and Greenery

Our second idea is using silk flowers and greenery. We love to buy pretty fake flowers and greenery when they are on sale and clearance at the craft store. One bunch will go a long way, and will make any ordinary wrapping extra special. Super easy and very pretty!

#3 Headbands

There are so many cute headbands and hair clips everywhere lately that are too cute to put inside a gift box! Any chance we get, our little girl presents will be topped with a pretty headband. Nothing beats wrapping that is functional too!

DIY Plastic Pom-Poms

You will need plastic table cloth, ribbon and scissors.

boxwood clippings_3  creative ways to giftwrap

First, cut a section of your tablecloth and fold accordion style.
We usually start with a double layer of tablecloth for a fuller pom-pom.

boxwood clippings_3  creative ways to giftwrap

boxwood clippings_3  creative ways to giftwrap

Next tie a knot with ribbon around the center of your pom pom.

boxwood clippings_3  creative ways to giftwrap

To finish, simply pull out the layers of plastic and adjust until you’re happy with the pom-pom.

Picture 27

boxwood clippings_3  creative ways to giftwrap


boxwood clippings_3  creative ways to giftwrap

We hope your summer is as bright and beautiful as these summery gifts and hope you enjoy using these bold wrapping ideas as much as we do!

-Sarah and Emily

We are sisters whose goal is to have it all…balanced, organized and beautiful lives on a tight budget. Join us on our blog, Boxwood Clippings for daily tips on design, organization, bargains, DIY’s and much more


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