Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Deciding on my Desk Chair

For the next few months I'll be sharing in the Fiesta Movement by tackling design projects in my home and community. This months' theme is Style. This month I've decided to tackle finishing up my home office and I need your help! 

If you remember I've been working on redoing my office for awhile now.  My initial color scheme for the office came from this fabric combo that I pulled from my fabric showroom. 

I knew right away I wanted to incorporate Schumacher's Birds and Butterflies fabric

However I'm having the hardest time deciding where to put it in my office! My first thought was to do it as a roman shade. 

But then I fell in love with  Schumacher's Vientiane Ikat Print for the roman shade. 

I think the coral will be a really great contrast to the black walls. 

I've been wanting to get a new desk chair for awhile now so one thought I had was to reupholster a chair in the fabric. 

Chairs can be pretty expensive to reupholster so I had an idea to have a custom slipcover made for an Ikea chair. 

I would use a basic Henriksdal chair because I love the shape. Then I was thinking to have a custom slipcover made from this etsy shop. This idea would probably end up costing quite a bit of money when all is said and done so that is my one hesitation with this option. Another hesitation I have is that I would worry the fabric would get a little dirty after all the use it will get. It's also a pretty stiff fabric so I worry about it getting wrinkled.  

So that brings me to my next option...

I thought I could buy one of these World Market dining chairs and then just reupholster the back in the fabric and leave the seat green. This would enable me to still get to use the fabric but I wouldn't have to worry about it getting dirty and wrinkled all the time.

Should I choose option one or option two?

I'll be revealing which option I chose later in the month so stay tuned!

disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.


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