Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chrome Gold Ferrari 458 Spider

A Ferrari 458 Spider may certainly not be the rarest car in London but a completely golden 458 is a rarity even in the British capital. Anyone who has seen this vehicle can claim to have seen one of the most exotic cars in Europe.

But who drives such a dream car? 

Our friends at Exotic Street Stars has met the Kick boxing champion Riyadh Al Azzawi with his Golden super car in London and witnessed some interesting things about the young Iraqi.

Having loved all forms of martial arts from a young age, Riyadh Al Azzawi took on kick boxing in his early teenage years. With the words of his trainer saying you will become a WORLD champion one day. This lead to him being Iraq’s Nation Champion SIX times, Arabic Champion TWICE, before he moved shores to the UK. Within only a few fights in the UK he won the British Championship TWICE, then taking home the European title. There was no stopping Riyadh, and winning his first World Championship Belt in 2008. He has fought 5 times for the World Championship belt with four out of the five wins coming by KO.

The most memorable moment of the champion’s career was doctors wanting to stop his world championship fight due to him having broken his nose and hand. However, being a champion means no stopping and he carried on to win. This shows his Incredible record of 47-0, 35 of which by way of Knockout.

Riyadh Al Azzawi, has a number of cars with Ferrari’s being his favourite, having the GOLD 458 Spider, California and previously having the F430. However, no boxer can go without a 4×4 and Mr Al Azzawi has a Mercedes G Class for that category. The 4.5 litre V8, 0-62mph in 3.4 second Ferrari 458 Spider was ordered with his preferred specifications; one which being left hand drive (as the UK is right) and the beautiful immaculate red Italian interior. The original grey body work has been wrapped in gold; this was chosen as only champions get to wear gold. The driving style preferred by Riyadh is chilled and this showed when cruising through London’s famous Knightsbridge, thousands of eyes were glazed to the car, with hundreds coming over for photo opportunities. With Riyadh stopping to allow people to see the car and even pose with fans. His love for his Ferrari meant that even when a friend offered him to swap his Ferrari for a Bugatti he refused, stating that he has Ferrari over anything due to them being similar to him in being fast and strong. Even by choosing the plate number, Riyadh doesn’t leave it to chance. He’s choosen the exclusive digits „F1 1RAK“, which stand for Fi Irak and mean „In Irak“ in arabic.

Riyadh’s future plans are to remain concentrated on his career as he sees that without having a successful career and without achieving you cannot enjoy the life style. So from a champions point of view, SUCCESS will bring you the lifestyle you want. In Riyadh’s case his fighting is the most important.

Written by: Exotic Street Stars

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