Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Printable

 Kimberly Moore runs the blog Third Floor Design Studio. She is an Interior Designer and recently started a video production company with her husband! I love this adorable Valentine's Day printable she has come up with today. 
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 This printable was well loved, so I'm bringing it back... Valentine's Day style. It could be used as a valentine given to that special someone, part of a Valentine's Day place setting, part of a gift package, or just as a personal reminder to hang somewhere seen daily.

[left - version 1 / right - version 2]

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Kimberly Moore here >>> My favorite color is mint, I have bangs, and love a good pair of glasses! There are few things that make me happier than designing a gorgeous room, creating art, or throwing a smashing party. My blog, Third Floor Design Studio, has become a place to learn, shop, and be inspired. On any given day you'll find great sources for decor, simple DIY projects, or party planning essentials. So be sure to stop by my blog and say hello!


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