Monday, May 5, 2014

Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale - Just pure driving pleasure, just Special(e)

“It is just a piece of metal,” replies Tom modestly on the question how much his new Ferrari means to him.

Tom fulfilled his dream, of which most people dream by buying his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale early this year. This super car is basically made for him, just sharp and fast and without unnecessary weight like radio and navigation. Just pure driving pleasure, just Special(e). As an everyday car or for a weekend getaway in the mountains, the Speciale is versatile and Tom never regretted the purchase of his bright knight. However, he is not a fan of modification. “In my opinion, a car has to look good and be good to drive without putting a hand on it and if that’s not the case then I won’t buy it.”

He doesn’t tell us much about his top speed we only know one thing, it was fast enough to land him behind bars in the desert country. Well we’re glad it didn’t.

He still likes to maintain a casual and chilled driving style because Dubai’s streets are enriched with radar controls. His passion is clearly winding country roads. Before he went to Dubai, he spent a lot of time on German motorways, the Autobahn, which in other words means that even speeds over 300km/h is no special adrenaline rush for him.

Before he decided to get the speedster from Maranello he enjoyed cruising with his Nissan GT-R around the world because in addition to fast cars, traveling is also one of his hobbies. And in order to unite both, he decided to take his Japanese Baby on a tour to Europe. He was even able to participate in the dutch equivalent of the Gumball. This trip through Europe opened his eyes that well developed wide roads, such as those in Dubai are no fun with such a super car but the winding country roads in the south of France and Italy. “It is such tight and beautiful routes that bring such vehicles to their limits.” Tom cannot wait to ship his Speciale to his homeland Italy and get to know the car better on the „Speciale“ made streets there. He believes that his love to the car will grow in Italy since he didn’t own the car long enough yet to have a Speciale place in his heart.

But probably just like every Ferrari driver he doesn’t only have a Ferrari parked in his garage. Tom’s wife has a rather everyday use car, an Infiniti FX50s but soon supposed to be replaced by the new BMW M3.
In addition to the Ferrari and Infiniti Tom also owns a BMW 1M that he loves and would never sell.”It is just too good to drive,” he explains us with a grin.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Tom for the interesting interview and the great shooting and wish him a good journey no matter with which car and hope that he will soon visit us in the „winding“ europe with his Ferrari.

Written by: Exotic Street Stars

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