Friday, November 9, 2012

Feature Friday: Jessica Bennet of Alice Lane

Today I am featuring the amazing home of Jessica Bennet the talented designer and owner behind Alice Lane Home Collection. She has given us some great insight into her home. Enjoy!

My style is collected. I love design and can always find something beautiful and intriguing in just about any genre. If I had to peg my style down though, I’d say I’m Transitional- a blend of contemporary and traditional. Throwing a few traditional pieces in a room gives it a lasting quality and maturity, and the contemporary pieces keep things feeling fresh and forward. My aesthetic is well appointed, tailored, and a little off-beat. I never want my home to appear flat or pegged into one period- I think all of the great rooms feel traveled, like they’ve evolved over time.

The photos featured in this shoot are from the home I have been renting since I moved to Provofour and a half years ago to open our shop. I wanted to start buying pieces that I would want in my collection forever, but I knew that I would not be living in this house long-term . I decided to invest in pieces that could easily be reworked in a new space—for example, I chose not to invest in a sectional, but rather in separates that can transition into many rooms in the home. I like change, and these pieces will make it easier to revamp my house without having to start over.

When designing a space, I start with my rug. My rug isusually the “hero” of the room, and it will dictate the mood and color palette of everything else around it. For my Family room, I chose Thomas O’Brien’s “Dyana” rug; it’s hand-knotted out of wool and silk, and is based off of a modernist Klimt painting. I believe that selecting a great rug that will last a lifetime is a well-placed investment, much like buying fine art.

 When it comes to selecting my larger upholstered pieces, I look for quality, comfort and an easy-going style that plays well with others. One thing I am is practical; besides loving something for its aesthetic, it has to work. I can't have a chair that's uncomfortable, or a sofa that doesn't sit great- that's it's job! I want everyone to be comfortable and will always pay extra feather/down wrapped cushions.

I think that is the most important thing to remember when you are designing your space is that your home is a reflection of who you are and what you value. If I had to pick three words that really captured the essence of who I am and what I value, those words would be “comfortable,” “warm,” and “edited.” If you stay true to yourself while you are designing, you will always love your space and it will always love you back. 

Thanks so much Jessica! Make sure you check out the Alice Lane blog here

photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat


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